Should you blog?

Having a blog on your website can mean you can interact and engage with your customers more. Also if you customers choose to subscribe to your blog you can quickly tell them about your new product lines or any updates you might have.

Welcome to our website here you will find information and services on blog design! Blog design can be very time consuming but having the right blog design can make all the difference to your website and brand. It is good to have a blog or website that is easy to navigate, easy to read, well designed and is better than all your competition, that other people will trust!

Affordableblogdesign is from Sheffield, Sheffield is a old city found in Yorkshire (Uk). We offer Web design services and even online marketing services to people from Sheffield or wherever really. We specialize in blog design and seo for blogs mainly. If you are looking for more professional and business orientated design and marketing I would suggest you go for us as we really know what we are doing!

Having the right blog design can mean a increase in sales and profit!

With a good blog and logo design your website can stand out from all the rest! Good brand-able logos are essential for creating a brand that people trust and can recognize. Research has shown that people are far more inclined to buy from company’s and will buy again from those that have a good brand logo that they can remember.

Logos and brands also create the illusion that you are a legit, trusted and established company!

You can either create a logo your self using computer software such as Photoshop or you cab outsource and get a professional to make your logo for you!

Why not check out the latest news at our blog! In our blog we will discuss all the latest news about blog, logo design, seo, website platforms such as social networking and how to make money online! The blog is totally free for everyone to read and subscribe.

If you have any comments or questions about any of the blog posts you can simply comment on anyone of them and get a answer really quick from us!

Currently our blog design services are on hold but we a services that we can do at the moment is seo! To find out more about our seo services please visit the seo page.

Blogging can make you money! If you are using free hosts such as blogspot or using your own host for you blog you can make money! But actually knowing how to make money and gain traffic can be difficult so our blog will try to tell you some seo tips and tricks to get free search engine traffic from sources such as Google and Bing… the more traffic your website gets the more profitable the website can be!

Please use the comment feature below to comment on any of our services or website!

With seo you can increase traffic to your website this equals more customers and increasing profits!

We do on page and off page seo amongst other things to get your site as high as possible. With seo there are various things and rules that you must stick to to ensure you site isnt penalized, such as not having duplicate content.. see here for why.

Stand tall with a good business that can be found on the search engines! Just like being tall in real life you will be noticed more being powerful with good seo will get your website seen by more people!

There are tons of seo company’s out there offering quick solution’s to get you ranking number 1, however SEO is constantly adapting which means a strong non spam link building techniques need to be employed to safeguard your position if not from penguin and panda google updates but also from manual reviewers also.

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  1. Aaron Wydryck

    Affordable blog does offer some really great seo services, I opted for a few gsa campaigns for my website… The service is really speedy and made a good positive impact on my website ranking for my chosen keywords.
    They use the keywords you give them and also find other targeted keywords as well. All the links I got where unique and good quality mainly from blog comments but the clever way affordableblogs do the blog comments mean they are always unique and readable!!! This means I will not have a spammy link profile!

  2. Randall

    Used affordableblogdesign for my blog A++++++

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